I guess I can say I enjoy to create, whether it is an oil painting or an etching, it does not really matter what I am creating, as long as I enjoy what I am doing.  I think it is the whole process of being immersed in my work while creating it, my eyes see something, my heart gets a feeling for the subject and then, the final stage, my hands make the artwork.  Life inspires me - people around me, the beauty of God's creations - I try to capture this all in my art.


I mainly print limited edition polymer etchings in my home-based printmaking studio and paint atmospheric seascapes and landscapes in oil on canvas.


My atmospheric seascapes were selected by a jury to be published in Internationale Kunst Heute 2015.Only 127 carefully chosen contemporary artists from 48 countries were selected for this prestige publication, launched at ARTMUC in M√ľnchen in May 2015.

My name is listed in Art in America Annual Guide 2015, the release date of this prestige publication was August 2015.

I was selected by the Selet

To visit my home-based studio in Hopefield, please contact me for an appointment by filling in the contact form.

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